Car Charging Stations

There are a wide variety of car charging stations that you can purchase. Most charging stations work with all types of electric vehicles but it is always worth checking with the car charging station provider that it works with you particular brand of electric vehicle.

Chargers comes in 3 different varieties rapid, fast and slow. The charging speed is based on the Kilowats of electricity delivered and the time it take to charge your electric vehicle.

There are a number of things to take into account when selecting a car charging station including the number of cars you need to charge, your budget, the look of the charging station and whether you have a type 1 or type 2 car charging in your home.

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OLEV Grants For Car Charging Stations

Every charger we mention below is available with the OLEV grant. This means that provided you meet certain criteria (most people do) the government will contribute £350 towards the cost fo your electric car charging point. The prices listed below are the cost to you, the manufacturers / installer will claim the £350 grant on your behalf.

EO Charger

The EO range comprises of the EO Mini Pro, the EO Mini Smart Home and the EO Mini Basic. Prices star from £495 to £845 (installed), bear in mind that the quoted prices assume that you qualify for the OLEV grant.

The EO range are compatible with all plug in electric vehicles, all EO chargers are eligible for the OLEV grant. The range is available in universal, tier 1 or tier 2 sockets. Everything is designed and manufactured in the UK.

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My Energi Zappi

Myenergi’s Zappi charger is technologically very advanced. It is OLEV approved so it is eligible for the £500 government grant. It is available in a 7kWH or 22kWh charging speed and it comes with a 3 year warranty.

Prices range from £695 to £795 and the Zappi comes in black or white, tethered or untethered.

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Andersen EV Charger

This is perhaps the best looking of any home charger we’re aware of. It comes in a range wooden and paint finishes. It has a hidden cable and plug compartment so it looks neat, its compact in size and it has stats lights to indicate the charging state.

22kWh as standard (thats fast!), waterproof, remote locking functionality and unique bluetooth connectivity. Prices start from £895 this includes the OLEV grant.

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Wallbox offer three chargers – Copper, Commander and the Pulsar. They have a range of different attributes and a range of different prices. All 3 are available with a 7kWH and a 22kWh charges so you can select your charging speed.

Prices vary but the installed cost for you for the Pulsar is £819, the cost for the Copper is £999 and the cost for the Commander is £1,249.

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Pod Point

The pod point domestic charger range comes in 2 different varieties – the universal socket and the tethered unit. The universal socket works with all electric vehicle types, the tether unit only works with certain electric vehicles (check this before you buy) but it is more convenient for day to day use.

Both chargers come in 3.6kWh or 7kWh charging speeds there is only 1 colour option and price including installation start from £279 which is the price leader on our list.

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Eve Single Pro

The Eve single is is a compact single socket charger that can be wall or pole mounted. It has an easy to use colour screen and internet connectivity. Charging speeds range from 3.7 kWh to 22kWh. Prices aren’t readily available so you will have to get in touch with an installer to get an accurate quote.

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Car Charging Stations – Your Feedback

In this page we have covered the car charging stations that we have direct experience with. If you want us to cover a specific chargers then get in touch using our contact page and let us know. We will continue to update this page with more electric vehicle car charging stations as they become available on the market.