Electric Car Charger Installation Cost

Electric Car Charger Installation Cost

Electric car charger installation cost range from £500 to £1,000 for a single domestic charging point. This includes the £350 OLEV grant that your installer will apply for on your behalf.

  • Charging Point
  • 3kW Charging Point
  • 7kW Charging Point
  • 22kW Charging Point
  • Product Cost
  • £250 – £500
  • £450 – £800
  • + £3,000
  • Cost With Installation
  • From £500
  • From £750
  • From £4,000

There are many benefits to installing an electric vehicle charging station, its 40% faster than charging using a wall plug. It’s much cheaper to charge your car at home than a public charging station. You can take advantage of cheap overnight electricity prices and you will never have to wait for a charging station.

You can use a standard 3 pin plug socket but households mains systems are not designed to take the high load and long duration of charging an electric car. It also look messy running wires out of downstairs windows!

What Factors Affect The Cost of Installing Electric Car Charging Points?

There are a large number of factors that will affect the cost of installing an electric charging point. Such as practical considerations like how far away from your fusebox you want the charging point. What brand of charger you choose. Whether you opt for a fast (7kW) or a slow (3kW) charger and whether you want a smart charger.

Slow Chargers: Typically these are 3kW to 6kW it will take a full overnight charge to fully power the battery.

Fast Chargers: Normally 7kW these fully charge a car in under 4hours.

Brands: There are currently 56 OLEV approved charging point manufacturers, if you want to view a list of them click here.

What is the OLEV Grant?

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles supports the introduction of electric vehicles in the UK.  The main effect that has on the cost of installing a homer charger is the £350 OLEV Grant.

Your car charging point installer will apply for the grant on your behalf so all you have to do is pay their fee upfront and forget about the paperwork.

The grant is available if you meet 4 criteria:

  • You must have purchased an OLEV approved electric vehicle click here to find out if your car is approved.
  • You must have off street parking (so no charging cables cross public footpaths)
  • The charger must be OLEV approved check the list here
  • Use an OLEV approved installer click here for the list

The Installation Process

The first thing you will have to decide is where is the best place to put you EV charging station. We usually recommend that you choose you location so that the cable will not interfere with any walk ways.

When you have decided you installer will then have to fit the wall unit (or you can purchase free standing charging stations). Then they will have to connect the charging point to your fusebox box. This often involves tracing a wire around the edge of your property. They may also have to drill a hole to feed the cable to your fuse box.

The final stage in the process is running some check to ensure everything is working and you install complies with safety regulations. Then you’re ready to charge!

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