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Electric Car Charging At Home

Electric car charging at home is best done using a dedicated electric car charger. There are several advantages to charging your car at home. Its the cheapest and most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle. In addition most home electrical systems are not designed to handle the load and duration of charging an electric vehicle.

  • Dedicated charging points at home are much faster that wall plugs
  • You can benefit from smart charging overnight (only charging while electricity rates are cheap)
  • Wall chargers have improved safety features compared to 3 pin plugs

Dedicated Home Charging Station

There are several advantages having a dedicated car charging station installed at home. Its faster its safer and it looks much better than running a cable out of the kitchen window to charge your car. A wall mounted weatherproof charging uint is the best option for most British homes. You must get an OLEV approved electrician to install your EV charging point. Hiring an OLEV approved electrician also means you may be eligible tot he £350 OLEV Grant.

Cost of Installing a Home Charging Station

The cost of installing an electric vehicle charger in you home can be as little as £280 with the £350 OLEV grant. However the cost varies depending on the brand of car charging point and the difficulty of installing your charging point.

Electric car drivers are eligible for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme which provides for the cost of purchasing and installing a home charging point.

Once installed the cost to charge your electric car is roughly 14p per kWh, or if you are charging overnight the cost can be as little as 8p per kWh.

How To Get a Charging Station Installed

Get in contact with us by calling 0800 246 5849 or us our contact page to request a free quote. We work with a large selection of OLEV approved electric car charging point installers.

We will help you select an appropriate charging station and find the cheapest installation cost so you don’t have to. So get in touch today to get your car charging point installed.