electric car charging points for business

Electric Car Charging Points for Business

There are a range of benefits when you install electric car charging points in your business. Workplace charging is is beneficial as you can charge employee vehicles during the days and fleet vehicles overnight.

  • Businesses can save over £1,000 per 10,000 miles driven on commercial and employee fuel costs.
  • You can provide workplace charging for your employees as a bonus.
  • EV charging points can reduce you “benifit in kind” tax on company cars.
  • Electric vehicles can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to sustainability targets.

Commercial EV Charging Station

There are 3 levels of car charging point, the best option for the majority of business are 7 kWh fast chargers. We generally suggest that business opt for the EO Genius charging point.

In our opinion it offers the best mix of affordability, functionality and reliability that makes it best option for the majority of our clients.

We can cater for more bespoke needs for super fast charging or high load management depending on your individual needs.


Workplace Charging Scheme – £14,000 Grant

The Workplace Charging Scheme is a voucher based scheme that provides support for businesses in the purchase and installation of EV charge points. The scheme is run by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

  • The WCS applies to the purchase and installation of new electric vehicle charging points by 75% or a maximum of £350 per charging point.
  • Single businesses can apply for up to 40 charging points each (40 single sockets or 20 double sockets).
  • Businesses cannot claim for pre existing charge points (sorry if you are ahead of the curve!)

OLEV Approved Installers

We work with a group of stringently vetted OLEV approved electric vehicle charging point installers. This means that all of the installers we work with are NICEIC, Napit or Elecsa qualified electricians. which allows them to install car charging points and attain the WCS grant.

Specialist EV Charging Infrastructure

The vast majority of our commercial EV charging clients opt for either dual plug 7kWh chargers or dual plug 22kWh chargers. The dual plug means that each charging point can charge two vehicles at once.

The decision wether to go for 7kWh or 22kWh comes down to your charging needs and your existing infrastructure.  We must consider whether the size of your incoming supply and your current electrical circuitry can handle the increased load. We arrange site visits to establish what your existing infrastructure is and we’ll recommend the most appropriate charger for your needs.

The higher the kWh the faster that charge so if you need to quickly charge multiple cars then the 22kWh would be the best option. If your needs are not as pressed for time then we recommend the 7kWh charger.

Electric Car Charging Points for Business – Costs

When considering the cost to install electric car charging points at your bsuienss premises we must take into account a number of factors these inlcude:

  • The brand of charger you choose
  • The distance from your current electrical circuits to where the chargers will be
  • Infrastructure investments to ensure multiple chargers work safely
  • Cabling, fixing and foundations

As a rule of thumb most commercial electric vehicle chargers cost £1,000 for the charging unit and complete installation. This includes the WCS that you installer will claim back on your behalf.

If you would like a site visit and complete quote for the installation of an electric car charging point for your business then get in touch using our contact page or give us a call on 0800 246 8549.