EV Charger Installation

EV Charger Installation: Car-Charging-Point.co.uk specialise in finding you the best deal on your EV charging point at home. We only work with OLEV approved installers so you can be sure of the quality of the work.

Our installer will apply for the £350 OLEV Grant on your behalf so you don’t have to! This also means that you can get a brand new EV charging point installed for as little as £500. Request your free quote today.

EV Charger Installation

Approved Chargers

OLEV has approved over 50 different manufacturers of EV charging stations. Some of the leading manufacturers are EO, Rolec and Pod Point.  If you would like to see a complete list of government approved chargers click here.

If you choose on of the OLEV approved EV charger you will then be eligible for the £350 OLEV grant. Which can help to save you a lot on your EV charger installation.

EV Charger Installation Costs

EV charger installation generally costs between £500 to £1,000. This includes the £350 OLEV Grant that your EV installer will apply for on your behalf. There are several factors that influence the cost of installing a EV charging station at home:

Charger Brand

There are over 50 different OLEV approved charging brands. Each has its on unique selling points and drawbacks. They vary in cost from £280 to north of £1,000. We can help you select the appropriate charging brand for your needs and price range.

Kilo Watts Per Hour

The kWh (kilo watts per hour) impacts the charging speed. Generally the higher the kWh the faster the charging speed. And the fasting the charging speed the more expensive the EV charger.

Positioning of the Charger

The position of the charger in your home and the difficulty of placing the charger can also impact the cost. Electricians often have to drill through walls, additional additional RCD fuzes and run cables. This can all elevate the cost of an EV charging point installation.

Am I Eligible For The OLEV Grant?

In order to qualify for the £350 OLEV grant you must meet 4 criteria:

  • Purchase an OLEV approved electric vehicle click here to find out if your car is approved.
  • You must have off street parking (so no charging cables cross public footpaths).
  • Your EV charging point must be OLEV approved – check the list here.
  • Use an OLEV approved installer click here for the list.

Your EV charger installer will apply for the OLEV Grant on your behalf, so you not have to worry about the paperwork.

Whats Included With Home installation
  • Your installer will fit your charger to a brick or plasterwork wall or another suitable surface.
  • Up to 15 meters of cable between your electricity supply meter, fuze board and your EV charging point.
  • Your installer will provide a certificate to show that the the installation meets wiring regulations.