How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Car

On this page you’ll fin all the information you need about how long it takes to charge an electric car. There area range of different factors that effect car charging times in addition to the concept to top up charging.

A standard electric car with a 60kWh battery using a 7kWh charging point will take approximately 8.5 hours to charge from completely empty to completely full. Using a 43kWh rapid charger  on a 60 kWh battery a full charge will take 1 hour 40 minutes.

Most drivers do whats called top up charging where they don’t let the battery drain down completely and the charge it from say 40% full to 100%. Using a public rapid charging station a top up charge of 60% should take roughly 1 hour.

What Factors Affect Battery Charging Speed

If you are interested in learning more about batteries we suggest taking a look at The Battery University. It has a wealth of information about batteries but the technical standards are quite high.

  1. The size of your cars battery. Clearly the bigger the battery that you are charging the longer it is going to take. Battery are measured in kilo watt hours (kWh).
  2. The maximum charge rate that the battery can accept. if your vehicles battery has a maximum charge rate, plugging it into a faster charger will not increase the charge rate.
  3. The current state of the battery, if you are charging from 60% to 100% it is going to take less time that charging your battery form empty to full.
  4. The maximum charge rate of the charging station or cable. If the charging cable has a maximum charge rate of 7kWh that is the peak, it cannot charge any faster.
  5.  Environmental factors. The outside temperature and the age of the battery can affect the charging speed.

Time To Charge An Electric Car

VehicleBatteryRangeHome Charge Time (7kW)Rapid Charge Time (43-50kW)
Nissan Leaf40 kWh143 miles6 hours1 hour
Tesla Model S255 kWh255 miles15 hours2 hours
Smart EQ17.6 kWh584 hours1 hour
Volkswagen e-Golf35.8 kWh1425 hours40 minutes
How Far Can An Electric Car Go From 1 Hour of Charge

One of the most useful things to know when you own an electric vehicle is far far can you go from an hour of charge. This means you can plan your day and your travel. As you expect slow, fast and rapid charging stations  will charge your battery to a different level within 1 hour. The table below gives you a broad idea of the mileage available from 1 hours of charging from the different speed of chargers.

3.7 kW Slow7kW Fast22kW Fast43-50kW Rapid150kW Rapid
15 miles30 miles90 miles90 miles (in 30 minutes)150 miles (in 30 minutes)